Sunday Salon

For over a month I’ve been taking part in The Sunday Salon hosted by Deb Nance at Readerbuzz. So far it’s been a huge success and I’m striving to make it a regular feature. So here’s another post. 

Earlier this morning I finished Lea Ypi 2022 memoir Free: Coming of Age at the End of History. Hopefully, within the next few days I’ll get my review up and posted for that as well as Karlheinz Deschner’s God and the Fascists: The Vatican Alliance with Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, and Pavelic. I’ll be applying both books towards Rose City Reader’s European Reading Challenge

I also made major progress with Stuart Jeffries’s Grand Hotel Abyss: The Lives of the Frankfurt School. I put Frank Blaichman’s Rather Die Fighting on hold but I hope to finish it in the next few days. 

Listening. With the The National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol Complex proceedings (AKA the January 6 Commission) on hiatus until Tuesday I didn’t do my usual deep dive related podcasts. However, that didn’t deter me from indulging in some of my favorites. 

Watching. Mr. Robot continues to entertain with its plot twists, great writing and superb acting. I also caught an episode of Stranger Things. I haven’t seen a movie in a month or two but last Sunday night I took in the thoroughly entertaining film Everything Everywhere All at Once. (Since any description I’d cobble together could never adequately explain this movie I suggest you just watch it.) 

Everything else. Monday was Independence Day and one of our neighbors hosted a terrific BBQ for the community at his event venue down the road. Even though gas is damn expensive right now yesterday I made a trip to my favorite adult watering hole for a beer. 


10 thoughts on “Sunday Salon

  1. All the podcasts on your list sound very interesting. I’ve never gotten around to podcasts — still prefer reading as it’s so much quicker and you can skip a paragraph when you want

    best… mae at


    • I discovered podcasts only two years ago. There’s so many out there there’s something for everyone. Perfect if you have a long commute or periods of your day when you can listen to them. Also nice to fall asleep to at night.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Please visit again!


  2. My daughter also really liked Everything Everwhere All at Once, but I am not sure if it’s my kind of movie.

    I love the look of the event venue! What a great place for a community to gather.


    • Give the movie a shot. You might like it.
      The pics don’t do it justice. The centerpiece is a restored barn with a hayloft that’s been modified into a balcony.
      Here’s more:


  3. It’s interesting to me that you are reading books that are completely new-to-me, that I’ve heard nothing about aside from your comments here on your blog. I felt curious to know more, so I checked my main library sources to see if these books were available. None of the four were in my county library system (no surprise there). None of the four were in the vast Houston Public Library system. I had better luck with the Harris County Library (it’s usually my best hope in finding books I can’t find elsewhere) and found two of the four.

    So I say thank you for sharing your reads and your podcasts. Even if I am not currently planning to read an entire book on the experiences of a person in Albania, it’s nice to know you are reading this and will be sharing it with us. Sometimes I feel despair about the lack of thoughtful reading and thoughtful reading discussions in the world, but you give me hope.


    • WOW! Thank you ever so much for your kind words of praise! Very happy I can introduce you to a good book or two. Comments like yours mean a lot to me. Unfortunately, my blog doesn’t get the high volume of readership many others do so I appreciate it when readers like you leave such wonderful comments. To be honest, I’ve thought about retiring from blogging on several occasions but it’s people like you who convince me to keep going!
      Thank you!!


  4. How cool to have a neighbor who hosts the neighborhood at his own event facility! I briefly thought how fun it would be to host a potluck picnic at our cute park across the road, but then I remembered I’m terrified of bugs so I wouldn’t attend. Hahahahahha.

    I keep waiting for Everything Everywhere…to come to one of the many streaming services I subscribe to, but so far it has not. I’m dying to see it!


    • It was a great time had by all. I’m so happy I got to attend.
      We were able to stream it. Maybe it’s available on some sort of pay per view. It was a lot of fun!
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Please visit again!

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