Three More Coming Attractions

The bad news is it’s been well over a week since my Coming Attractions post and I’ve yet to post a single book review. The good news is I recently finished three books. Taking solace that even if I’m not writing at least I’m still reading here’s a brief preview of three more books I hope to review in the near future.

5 thoughts on “Three More Coming Attractions

  1. Okay so… the Weiss book… well… that sounds terribly ambitious. So, I clicked on your link, and as I usually do, I went straight for the one and two star ratings. One of the more eloquently written one star reviews said some things that shocked me, and (I’m afraid) turned me totally off to this book. If you do read it, if this reviewer is even half right in their assessment, I suggest you take this book with a BIG grain of salt.


    • The book gave me much to think about and as a result I’m still trying to process everything and articulate my opinions. I’ll say right now it’s definitely worth more than one or two stars. Hopefully I can post my thoughts on her book in the new future. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

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  2. WWII and a rescue story all in one? Sounds good! Actually, all three books look like they are right up your alley. Hope you are keeping safe and doing well.


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