Coming Attractions

Blame it on writer’s block or maybe a lack inspiration but for the last few months I’ve been unable to blog. Heck, even my reading has dropped off. But here I am, struggling with WordPress’s new editing platform and trying to bang out a new post. In hopes of getting things rolling once again I’ll begin with a brief overview of the books I’ve read of late. Hopefully, in the near future I’ll be sharing my thoughts on these six books on my blog. 

10 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

  1. I think we’re all going through phases where the reading and/or blogging just doesn’t happen. I call it pandemic brain. It’s frustrating, but then I’ll read some fluff book and get back on track. Good TV series (currently watching Endeavour on Prime) helps.


    • Seems like it. I’ve also been distracted by some great podcasts. As the weather turns colder and wetter, I’ll probably watch more DVDs courtesy of my local public library. On an optimistic note, this morning I got up super early and did a lot of reading. It was great!


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