2019 In Review: My Favorite Fiction

Now that I’ve posted my favorite nonfiction of 2019 it’s time to announce this year’s favorite fiction. Of course, it doesn’t matter when these books were published. All that matters is they’re excellent.


The bad news is I didn’t read a lot of fiction this year. As a result, there’s only six books on my list. The good news is I read some great stuff. So, in no specific order of preference here’s my favorite fiction from 2019.

  1. GI Confidential by Martin Limón
  2. The Swede by Robert Karjel
  3. Smilla’s Sense of Snow by Peter Høeg
  4. The Prince’s Boy by Paul Bailey
  5. Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier
  6. Abyssinian Proof by Jenny White

As for declaring an overall winner, it wasn’t easy since all six are fantastic. In the end,  Smilla’s Sense of Snow edged out Remarkable Creatures my favorite. As high as my expectations were for Smilla’s Sense of Snow I was not disappointed.

Typical of me and my reading tastes, all six novels on this list are set outside the USA. Also typical for me, four are historical in nature, ranging from the 19th century to the early 1970s. Lastly, four of these novels could be classified at crime drama and/or mystery. Could I be developing a taste for crime and mystery novels? Perhaps only time will tell.

8 thoughts on “2019 In Review: My Favorite Fiction

  1. I have read exactly 0 of these, though I do think Remarkable Creatures is on a shelf somewhere in the house. I’m intrigued to hear these have helped change your mind about crime/mystery novels. It’s not been a genre I’ve been drawn to in the past but maybe they’ll help change my mind too. Who knows!


  2. Fiction?! Crime?

    Omar! Are you running a fever?

    Well, thought I was Mr. Fiction…

    Have not heard of any of your faves – really rather surprising. I’m hitting Powell’s next PDX visit!

    Here’s my Top Three Faves for 2019

    1. How To Stop Time, Matt Haig
    2. Kavaleir & Clay, Mitch Ablom
    3. A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara

    Happy New Year My Friend! Hope to see you soon,



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