An Explosion of Coming Attractions

Greetings all, sorry I haven’t been doing much posting of late. The bad news is I’ve been cursed with another bout of writer’s block. The good news is even though I’ve been unable to write I’ve still been reading. Fortunately for me, over the last four months or so I’ve read some great books, several of them so enjoyable they might make my year-end Favorite Nonfiction List.

Typical of me, my reading has been heavy on the nonfiction, with the emphasis on history. Since the European Reading Challenge is my favorite reading challenge, it’s no surprise I read 1924 (Germany), The Abyssinian Proof (Turkey), The Black Count (France), A Child of Christian Blood (Ukraine) and The Italians (Italy). Also typical of me, all these books with the exception of Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil came from the public library, or were borrowed through the library’s Overdrive portal. Speaking of the public library, the books All the Truth Is Out, Lost to the West and New World Coming I’d never heard of until I spotted them on the shelf. Lastly, many if not most of these books were published no recently than a two or three years ago. That means there’ll be no shortage of About Time I Read It posts in the coming weeks, should I find a way to overcome my bad case of writer’s block.

6 thoughts on “An Explosion of Coming Attractions

  1. Wow, you’ve been doing a ton of amazing reading! I can’t wait to hear more about The Black Count and Where the Jews Aren’t — those are two books that have been on my list for ages that I haven’t quite gotten around to.


    • Well, I haven’t been doing much writing but thank goodness I’ve been reading. Hopefully soon I’ll be sharing my thoughts on The Black Count and Where the Jews Aren’t.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!


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