This Summer’s Reading: My Five Favorite Books

After Time posted an article listing former President Obama’s favorite books of this summer I was inspired to do the same. However, since I read a number of excellent books over the course of this summer keeping my list to just five was easier said than done. But after much deliberation I was able to narrow it down to five. Eventually, I’ll post longer reviews for each of the below mentioned books but until then, here’s my five favorites from this summer.



12 thoughts on “This Summer’s Reading: My Five Favorite Books

  1. All of these sound so great! I’ve got a copy of Midnight in Peking I’ve been meaning to get to, and may need to add In the Enemy’s House and The Book Smugglers to my list. I love the topics. Great post!


  2. Well that is very timely about the movie of the Eichmann hunt book! Now you can watch it and feel superior because you already know what’s going to happen — all that AND you can enjoy Oscar Isaac’s charm and good looks at the same time. The best of all possible worlds!


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