About Time I Read It: The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall

Awhile back a former co-worker raved about a novel with the intriguing title of The Lonely Polygamist. Figuring with a title like that I couldn’t go wrong, I vowed to someday read it. Well, last week or so that day finally came. As I happily made my way through Brady Udall’s 2010 novel I quickly realized my former co-worker of mine did not steer me wrong.

Considering the book’s primary character, Golden Richards is male Fundamentalist Mormon and by default a polygamist, one would assume Golden lives a life of unfettered male privilege. A plethora of subservient wives to indulge his every whim and an army of loving and devoted children some might argue Golden has got it made. Or does he?

His construction business is failing, forcing him to take on projects hundreds of miles from his home. (So desperate for construction gigs he’s agreed to remodel a legal brothel in Nevada, telling his wives he’s working on a retirement center.) His family is a train wreck riven by factions and power-struggles as his four sister wives jockey for control of his chaotic and overpopulated household. Father to 28 children, there’s so many kids under Golden’s roof he’s forced to employ a mnemonic device just to remember their names. Complicating his predicament, while away on business he finds himself falling in love with another man’s wife.

The Lonely Polygamist is one of those wonderful novels you just went to keep reading. Not only is the writing crisp, Udall takes the reader through a full spectrum of emotions. Also, without saying too much, there’s no shortage of plot twists that if you’re like me, you never saw coming. I loved The Lonely Polygamist and it easily made my year-end list of best fiction.



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6 responses to “About Time I Read It: The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall

  1. This is one of those books I’ve heard of quite a bit, but hadn’t ever read a review. It sounds so interesting.

  2. I seriously loved this book — the characters really came to life for me, and I laughed a couple of times and ugly-cried at least once.

    • Excellent! It easily made my year-end Best Fiction List. So glad you also loved it. I could not agree more about the characters. I also experienced laughter and sadness while reading it.
      Thanks for commenting! Please visit again!

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