Five Bookish Links

I honestly didn’t think I’d be doing a Five Bookish Links post this week since I thought I was a little short on subject matter. However, after going through my news feed and Safari reading list I quickly realized I had more than enough material for a post. So, with that in mind happy reading.

  1. Not long after I posted my review of Mary Beard’s SPQR Five Books interviewed Tom Holland, author of Rubicon. Here’s his five favorite books on Ancient Rome.
  2. It took me two decades to finally get around to reading Garcia Marquez’s modern classic Love in the Time of Cholera. Maria Popova’s article on Brain Pickings looks at 24 books that strongly influenced the Colombian writer and Nobel laureate.
  3. I read on Citizen Reader that Caitlin Doughty, every book blogger’s favorite mortician, as well as author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes has a new book. She recently sat down with NPR and talked about death rituals from around the world.
  4. Over the years I’ve featured a number of books by atheists, skeptics and agnostics. While many conservatives like to blame the so-called godless instructors of the ivory tower for polluting young impressionable minds Daniel Cox, writing for FiveThirtyEight “College Professors aren’t Killing Religion” claims that’s not necessarily the case. But after one takes a close look at the sociological data, a good college education is certainly a contributing factor as to why the ranks of the religiously affiliated continues to shrink.
  5.  I don’t believe in past lives, but if I did, I must have been a spy or some sort of intelligence operative. Maybe that’s why I’m always reading stuff about Iran, Afghanistan some other strife-filled part of the world.  In a recent post appearing on the site Small Wars Journal, James King asked members of INTELST forum, a group of almost 4000 current and former Military Intelligence professionals what they thought are the best books for intelligence analysts.

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