Five Bookish Links

Citizen Reader is a fine book blog. Not only is it a great go-to source when it comes to what’s new in the world of nonfiction writing but there’s always tons of links to cool articles. Inspired by Citizen Reader, I’m toying with the idea of regularly posting five links to online articles book lovers might enjoy. So here’s some articles I recommend you read. Keep in mind, even though these might not be the newest posts on the web, they’re still worth your time.

  1. Alex Halberstadt’s piece for the New Yorker “A Prisoner’s Reading List” on the life and times of Daniel Genis is outstanding. Well educated and smart as hell, his heroin addiction earned him a trip to the big house. Incarcerated a decade for his crimes, Genis read like crazy.
  2. With San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich making headlines condemning the leadership of President Trump I’d encourage you to read  Matt Giles’ article on Longform “A Reading List from the NBA’s Smartest Coach.”
  3. According to Tariq Ali in his terrific article in the Guardian, Lenin was a voracious reader, devouring not only works by the great Russian masters but also classics by Virgil, Ovid and Horace in the original Latin.
  4. If being an outstanding journalist in this day and age wasn’t hard enough, Danny Funt makes a convincing case in “What does it mean for a journalist today to be a Serious Reader?” if journalists want be successful, they need to read and read A LOT.
  5. Around the country many venues are hosting silent reading parties. For parents of small children who need a few hours of uninterrupted peace and quit these get-togethers can be a life saver as Maggie Downs will attest in an essay in Literary Hub. 

6 thoughts on “Five Bookish Links

  1. HA HA HA HA….I came here to leave a comment to say thank you for the nice shout out, and who should I find but my true love Jenny @ Reading the End talking about silent reading parties (that was my favorite link in this round-up). Awesome.


  2. Yeah, the bookish community is small, but I suppose that’s part of what makes it great.
    You have a great blog too! I listed you in this morning’s round-up over at Citizen Reader. Thanks again!!


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