My Tower of Books

A long overdue trip to the optometrist resulting in a fresh set of glasses with an updated prescription has got me all fired up to read more books from my personal library. No better way to do this than grab a bunch of books off the shelves and stack ’em in my living room. By putting them all in one place I’m hoping it will focus my attention on this batch of books and not the ten million other things I’m currently trying to read. It’s also allowed me to grab one or two of these books and stick ’em in my backpack before I head out to the coffee shop or city park to do some reading.

As you can see, this tower I’ve erected is a hodge-podge of books. Three are novels, with philosophy central to one of them. Speaking of philosophy, The Trial of Socrates as the title would lead us to believe also deals with that subject. Religion is the central focus of three of the books, two of which were published over 70 years ago. The memoir, while not 70 years old, recalls life during that era. Lastly, Wiesel’s essay collection is old as well, published back in 1968. With all that in mind it looks like I’ve assembled a promising tower of books.



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6 responses to “My Tower of Books

  1. Ah, the ever-expanding TBR shelf/pile. Mine looms large as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t read anything for a month! I think it’s due to work starting up at the end of August and begin VERY busy and the fact that I am hooked on watching Criminal Minds.

    • Indeed! I’m also contemplating a companion tower of book to add to this one. So don’t be surprised if you see a similar post in the near future! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Please visit again!

  2. I gotten The Paris Wife from the library a couple of times but never got around to reading it. Enjoy your loot!

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