A Winter’s Worth of Reading

Well, we’re barely into 2017 I’m already behind in my blogging. Not sure I wanted to start the year with a catch-up post but I’m afraid that’s what I need to do. Perhaps I shouldn’t look at it that way. Instead, perhaps I should see this as more of a preview post. In the coming weeks on my blog, you’ll learn more about these books listed below. While my blogging has been a bit lack luster of late, reading wise, it’s been a strong start for the new year. In addition, even for a nonfiction addict like myself I still managed to read a piece of fiction here and there.



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11 responses to “A Winter’s Worth of Reading

  1. I’ll be reading about the librarians of Timbuktu pretty soon! I’m also considering Stolen Words, so if it’s fantastic and unmissable, tell me. Haven’t heard of the J Curve book, but it’s a topic I’m interested in so I’m taking a look…

    • Excellent! Being Stolen Words was about the Holocaust, it had it sad moments. But Glickman did a very good job with his book and therefore I’d encourage you to read it. Please be advised that J Curve, even though it’s a darn good book, was published in 2006. Therefore, it’s a bit dated. Happy ready!!

  2. I have In the Country of Men on my iPad and I keep forgetting about it. I must get to it!

  3. And Stolen Words is going on my wish list!

  4. ooh ooh ooh, I must have Zoobiquity and This Is Your Brain on Parasites. Not doing nearly enough science reading lately. You ever read “Parasite Rex” by Carl Zimmer? THERE is a science read that will blow your mind in the best possible way.

  5. LOVED Spillover…just checked out your great review of it too. Here, we can trade:
    You read any of Zimmer’s other titles? Any suggestions for a book by him that I should read next, or any other science recommendations? We diverge a bit in our history tastes but I’m sensing we share similar science book tastes. Thanks!

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