I’m back…AGAIN!

No, I haven’t died. I haven’t suffered any horrible tragedies either. But when you combine a busy social calendar with a mentally taxing workday frequently the last thing I wanna do is blog. This of course breaks my heart because over the better part of a decade I’ve thoroughly enjoyed blogging about books. Fortunately for me, I’ve picked up a number of new readers of late, especially in my local area. That means I feel I’m letting them down by not blogging. So, it for them, and any of my other readers that I’m dragging myself over to the laptop in hopes of resurrecting Maphead’s Book Blog!

In hopes of getting the creative juices flowing again, I’ve decided to do another one of those massive catch-up/preview posts like I did at the end of August. For one, it’ll show you no matter how busy and tired I’ve been over the last several months I’ve still been reading. As you can see below I’ve been reading some pretty decent stuff. Two, I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’ll inspire me enough to finally blog about these books and in the end break me out of this blogging slump.



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8 responses to “I’m back…AGAIN!

  1. Michelle

    Glad to see a new post! A welcome surprise in my email inbox. 🙂

  2. Good to see you! I can always count on you to beef up my nonfiction TBR. STASILAND?? The title alone makes it necessary to read.

    I’d love to see what you thought of the Triple Package, which I read some years ago (just looked it up and at the time, I said “I felt like any analysis of Mormons was so shallow and short as to be nearly useless. So I’m kind of thinking that if a Cuban or Nigerian read this book, they’d feel like the analysis of their cultures was useless too.”)

    And finally, I’m annoyed with Jared Diamond about Easter Island and Collapse, so you’d have to do some good convincing on that one.

    • Thanks! Always happy to beef up your TBR!
      Not sure where to start with Triple Package. I guess the most important thing is it made me look at things in a new light.
      And I could say much the same about Diamond’s book. My mine gripe is the book was way too long and could have been a better one at half its length.
      Thanks for missing me and thanks for welcoming me back!!

  3. The Pope’s Bookbinder just went on my TBR list. Thanks!

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