Books I’ve Desperately Wanted to Read

Julie from Smiling Shelves has an excellent blog. Back in March, she did a post called “Books I Desperately Want to Read “ in which she listed the top 10 books currently on her to be read list (TBR). Not only did I enjoy reading her post and learning what was on the horizon for her, reading-wise but it also inspired me to do a similar kind of post. I can’t speak for all book bloggers, but it seems like you get so wrapped up in trying to review all the books you’re been reading that you never take time to reflect on the stuff you want to read. Sometimes it feels like all work and no dreaming. And I’ve always felt if you take away a person’s dreams, then what do you have left?

With all that in mind, I’ve decided follow Julie’s lead and blog about some of the books I’ve been wanting to read. I’ve also decided to put my own kind of twist on things and tell you about some books I’ve been wanting to read for a long. long time. None of these books are currently in my possession, so that means I’ll need to buy, beg, borrow or steal them. (One of them, Cross X, isn’t even in my public library.) I’ve restricted this list to nonfiction, not because I dislike fiction but because I’m saving that stuff for another posting. Keeping in mind there’s millions of books out there I wanna read, these are at the top of a very special list.

While I’d love to you I’m going to read all of these by year’s end we all know that’s not going to happen. But I would like to slowly but surely begin to make my way through this list of books since I’ve wanted to read them for years. I would also like to believe just as a person could be defined by the books he/she reads, a person could also be defined by the books he/she has been wanting to read. If that is indeed the case, then this is a list worth sharing.

16 thoughts on “Books I’ve Desperately Wanted to Read

  1. See, “The God That Failed” would go on my version of the list! I did read ‘Desire of the Everlasting Hills’ a long time ago, when it was published, but I don’t remember anything about it.


    • Thanks! I hope so as well! Since I thought of about a dozen more books I could have added to this list I might do a “part 2” posting down the road. Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I love your blog, by the way!

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  2. I’m so glad my post inspired you to do one of your own (and hopefully, get those books read, too)! I’m happy to report that I have read two of my list of ten. Slow progress, but any progress counts! Outposts sounds like a book right up my alley. I’ll have to check that one out. Happy reading!


    • Excellent! I feel fortunate your post was able to inspire me to embark on a little project of my own. Thank you ever so much!
      Congrats on reading two books from your list. Keep up the good work!
      Thanks for commenting and please visit again sometime!


    • Thanks!
      I’ve been trying to read that book for years but never manage to do so.
      Soon maybe I’ll finally read it
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Please visit again!


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