Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful-Blogger-AwardA few days ago Bonnie at Bonnie’s Book’s nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. To be considered by her for such an award is a true honor, since she’s been blogging about great books for a long time and along with that has been reading tons of book blogs. I’ve been reading her blog for what seems like ages. According to her, I’m responsible for more than a few books winding up on her to be read list (TBR). I’d like to think the same way about her.

Rules for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

  1. Link to the blogger who has nominated you.
  2. List seven random facts about you.
  3. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers, and let them know about about the nomination.

Seven random facts about me.

  1. February 2016 will go down as a month of milestones. Not only did I celebrate my sixth anniversary as a WordPress blogger, but also posted my 500th post. In addition, just this morning I gained my 200th subscriber.
  2. Last year I came close to retiring my blog. Believe it or not, I almost stopped blogging. However, after hearing some kind words of encouragement I decided to keep blogging.
  3. I live in and work in Portland, Oregon USA. The city is peppered with renown restaurants, great beer, wonderful coffee shops (especially my neighborhood one) and of course, Powell’s Books. On top of that, I’m probably one of only a few people who live across the street from one college, and work next door to another.
  4. Each weekday morning I get up super early and read two hours before work. Without a doubt it’s the best way to both beat the morning traffic and get focused for the day. (I also ride the bus to work. This allows me even more time to read.)
  5. Time for me to come out of the closet – as a Kindle reader! Several years ago I received a Kindle as a birthday present and it just sat on my desk ignored. Only last spring did I start using it and when I did, I quickly fell in love with it. Last summer I upgraded to the Paperwhite edition and couldn’t be happier.
  6. After seeing so many books about religion, atheism and religious history featured on my blog, some of you might be wondering about my own religious affiliation. Currently, I’m a proud member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But to say we have a “church” or even “members” is stretching things a bit. We mostly just get together twice a month to drink beer and tell bad jokes!
  7. For my first couple of years blogging, I went out of my way to hide details about my identity like my name, age, gender and employment. I figured if I cultivated an air of mystery it would make things cooler. For the sake of this award, I’ll just let you know unlike most book bloggers, I’m a male over the age of 50. (This makes me an old white male, but at least I’m not a dead one!) And Bonnie is right, Maphead is just a nickname. My real name is Mark.37510_1495401781693_7610132_n


My seven nominations

  1. Gilion at Rose City Reader
  2. Kim at Sophisticated Dorkines
  3. Stu at Winstonsdad’s Blog
  4. Jen at The Introverted Reader
  5. Claire at The Captive Reader
  6. Jean at Howling Frog Books
  7. Jo at JoV’s Book Pyramid  (Even though she’s not actively blogging, she recently encouraged me to not retire my blog but keep blogging. If that’s not a beautiful blogger then what is?)

There you have it!

20 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Hey, thanks! You *are* a rarity. I only know a few male bloggers, and I’m pretty sure most of them are younger than I am. Also…Reed College is one of the very few places in Oregon I have ever been to. That’s pretty much it, actually. My brother now lives in Portland and I should go visit so I can see Powell’s.


  2. Too cool! Powell’s is an amazing place! I used to walk by it everyday on my way to work. If you come to Portland to visit your brother you must make a side trip to Powell’s!


  3. Oh, wow! Great list, especially your great reveal! For a year or so, I thought you were a man. Then something you said made me change my mind (don’t remember what). I have now corrected my original “Beautiful Blogger Award” post to say “his” instead of “her” about your nickname. Thanks for adding the photo. You are about my son’s age — he’ll be 53 in June (his twin sisters will be 56 in May).

    If and when I travel to Portland, it would probably be specifically to visit Powell’s and to attend the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster with you, if it’s allowed. Having taught Religions of the World at Chattanooga State Community College, that’s the sort of thing that interests me. I just read about it (again) on Wikipedia and must say that I, too, have a problem with religion posing as science. My group of friends has needed a name, and I now plan to suggest we call ourselves what we’ve been all along! Do you dress like pirates for your meetings? Inquiring minds need to know these things!


    • Thanks!
      Please, let me know when you’re planning on seeing Portland. I’m sure I can arrange to a little something with Powells and the CFSM!
      While we don’t dress like pirates, we do post several pirate flags at our get togethers!


  4. Thank you so much for voting me for the award. Yes, I felt like I don’t deserved it but it is this kind gesture that made someone’s day isn’t it? 🙂 if you can, keep blogging because you read some awesome stuff and it inspires me. Is that your picture? 🙂


  5. I read your post again properly, yes it is you and you don’t look a year older than 20. Hard to believe you are over 50. Does it matter? it doesn’t and I want to know the secret. Don’t tell me it’s beer!


  6. Hi Mark! Thanks for the nomination! And I enjoyed learning more about my fellow Portland blogger. Of course, I learned your name when you won the 2014 European Reading Challenge, so I could send you your prize. But I always assumed you were a male. It must have been sexist of me, but those are man feet in that picture! You’re still a Beautiful Blogger!


  7. Nice to meet you, Mark! I looked several times through your blog to try to determine your gender and got a kick out of never being quite sure. But I also enjoy getting to know you better!


  8. Congrats on the award. It’s fun to learn more about you! Knew you were a guy and in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve only been once, but I thought Portland was a very cool place. And I did make my pilgrimage to Powell’s, naturally.
    That’s awesome that you read for a couple of hours before work. I’m the opposite of a morning person, and so am usually scrambling around before work, but the idea of starting off the day with a book is still appealing.
    I got my Kindle Paperwhite a couple of years ago and just have really taken to it. Glad you’re going to continue blogging – love all the nonfiction recs. 🙂


    • Thanks!
      I seem to do my best reading in the morning.
      Glad you like my nonfiction recommendations. I’ll try to serve up more of them in the near future!
      Thanks for commenting!! Please visit again sometime!


  9. Thanks for keeping up your blog! Your mix of non-fiction is fantastic and has sent my reading off in all kinds of interesting directions. Thank you!


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