2014 In Review: The Reading Challenges

With 2014 ending in only a few hours, I thought I’d take a moment and look back on a few of last year’s reading challenges. Over the years I’ve taken part in a number of challenges and I’ve always found them worth my time. Besides being a great way to meet other book bloggers, they also inspire you to broaden your reading horizons. Fortunately for me, each year there’s a number of bloggers who enjoy hosting these challenges. Also fortunately for me, there’s a website that helps promote these reading challenges and I’d highly recommend visiting A Novel Challenge if you wanna learn more.

At the end of 2014 I signed up for a number of reading challenges. While I wish I could report that I actively took part in all of the challenges, sadly in the end my participation was restricted to just a handful. However, of that handful of challenges my level of participation was pretty darn high.

Immigrant Stories Challenge – Since my goal was the “Fully Assimilated” level of at least six books and I ended up reading and reviewing seven, I’m feeling pretty good about this one. I’m also feeling pretty good that I read a pretty broad spectrum of reading material, encompassing both fiction and nonfiction. Stories ranged from Sephardic Jews in Boston to Iranians in sunny California to Romanians in Finland.

The In the Middle Reading Challenge – My goal was the “Never Stop Reading” level of 20 books, with each book being somewhere between 300 and 450 pages. Looks like I exceeded that with 23 books read and reviewed.

I Love the Library Reading Challenge– I opted for the “Just Insert IV level of 50 books. At last count I read and reviewed over 60. Not too bad, I guess.

Nonfiction Reading Challenge – Being a true lover of nonfiction this challenge has always been one of my favorites. Even though I’m reading more fiction these days I still managed to read and review 27 works of nonfiction, and therefore once again exceed the “Master” level of 16-20 books.

Books in Translation Reading Challenge– My goal was to repeat last year’s “Linguist” level of 10-12 books read and reviewed. Once again, I pulled it off. I’m also proud to report that those books have been translated from a fairly broad assortment of languages including Hebrew, Dari, Russian and Finnish.

European Reading Challenge – Not only has this become one of my favorite challenges, but the host and I live in the same city! The good news is once again, I’ve well exceeded the “Deluxe Entourage” level of five books. The bad news is I won’t come close to last year’s total of 22 books. But since this challenge doesn’t end until the end of January I still have time to read and review a few more books. In about a month I’ll be back with a separate update for this challenge

There you have it. Just as in past years, in 2015 I’ll be taking part in a number of reading challenges. I’m excited about this since more than a few of these challenges are new to me. I can’t wait to get started. See you in 2015. Happy New Year!!

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