The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett

If you’re like me you tend to read at least several books at the same time. Also if you’re like me, you know you’ve found a good book when it makes you push all the other books aside. The Man Who Loved Books Too Much: The True Story of a Thief, a Detective, and a World of Literary Obsession

Like a lot of great nonfiction, Bartlett’s book is character driven. It’s not just a game of cat and mouse. Bartlett spends a lot of time trying to get inside the head of both individuals, especially Gilkey. Through her many interviews she allows individuals to describe themselves in their own words and on their own terms. But with Bartlett at the helm providing insight and character judgement she keeps things balanced and authentic. She also throws in a bunch of stuff on book thievery throughout the ages, as well as a few assorted cases of obsessive book collecting.

Even when you get sucked into a book you’re really enjoying, frequently you get a little burned out and you have to take a break. Not so with The Man Who Loved Books Too Much. It grabbed me and kept me going until the end. This is a great book. Highly recommended.



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10 responses to “The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett

  1. I liked this one a lot too! I love the cat-and-mouse detective stories too, especially when they’re about odd things like rare books. I thought this one was fun.

  2. I had a feeling you might have read this book – and enjoyed it! Glad you liked it too. I forgot to mention in my review that it’s also made inspired me to read more of my old books. I own quite a few and I need to read them!!

  3. this one sounds fun ,all the best stu

  4. Wow. This title will be moved up higher in the TBR pile… Nice one!

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