2013 Middle East Reading Challenge

 Over the last several years Helen, one of my favorite book bloggers, has hosted the Middle East Reading Challenge. Not only has her reading challenge been a fun and intellectually stimulating activity, but in light of 2011′s Arab Spring and recent events in Libya and Syria it’s served as a fantastic opportunity for readers to gain a deeper understanding of people and forces reshaping one of the world’s most volatile and dynamic regions. When Helen announced she was stepping down from being the challenge’s host and suggested that I take her place at first I was reluctant. While I’ve been book blogging for several years, I’ve never hosted a challenge. However, to see the Middle East Reading Challenge vanish into the ether would be a huge loss. Therefore, after thinking it over I’ve decided to accept her offer and host the 2013 Middle East Reading Challenge.

I’ve you would like to get a sneak-peak, feel free to drop by the challenge’s new home. Love to have you join me for 2013’s Middle East Reading Challenge!

10 thoughts on “2013 Middle East Reading Challenge

  1. Yay Maphead! I am so glad you are taking this on. I wasn’t going to do any challenges in 2013, but I will do this one since it is so dear to my heart. I’ll commit to the Tourist level, but maybe move up depending on how the year goes.


  2. Going to visit Jerusalem and Jordan in 2013 and read books about it before the trip anyway, might as well come on board! I have always wanted to host a Middle East reading challenge 2 years ago and found Helen got there before me but I think you are the best person to host this.


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