Library Loot: January 4-10

Same old story. I drop by the library for just a moment so I can drop off a few items and the next thing I know I’m walking out the door with a big ole stack of books and yet again feeling like a fool.  Someday maybe I will develop greater self-restraint or at least start using the after-hours book drop. But until that happens I’ll never be short of library books. After running amok a few hours ago at my public library here’s what I’ve managed haul away this time:

Well, I was hoping that 2012 was going to be the year I really get serious about reading my own books as opposed to ones from the library. Judging by the size of this stack, that might not be easier said than done. Oh well, time for me to start reading…



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12 responses to “Library Loot: January 4-10

  1. Wow, you’ve already got three for the Middle East Challenge on your soon to read list, I am impressed! I hope they are interesting!

  2. All of these sound great; I certainly couldn’t have passed them by – no one has willpower that strong! I’m really intrigued by If the Allies Had Fallen. I was reading a volume of WWII diaries this week (The Siren Years by Charles Ritchie) and the author, a young diplomat, records a number of conversations he had with international collegues in London both before and during the war about what they thought the various political outcomes might be, particularly if Hitler invaded Britain or Britain surrendered. Very interesting to read.

    • Thanks for the recommendation ! I might have to give it a shot. I’ve been in a bit of WW II mood of late. There’s a good chance you will start seeing other WW II-related books on this blog in the near or not so near future.
      Thanks also for hosting the Library Loot ! We bloggers really appreciate it !
      Thanks for visiting my blog, too !

  3. some wonderful books for new year the middle eastern ones look very good ,all the best stu

    • Thanks ! Since Helen is hosting the Middle East Reading Challenge once again I’m hoping to review a number of good books on that particular region.
      Glad you dropped by Stu !

  4. I have just recently started getting books from the library for my blog and I love it. Haven’t bought a book since November!!!

  5. Haha, yes, I also need to develop more self-restraint at the library. Right now my cut-off point is usually when I begin having trouble carrying books! It looks like you got some interesting books and I’m looking forward to hearing about them 🙂

  6. You always have the most interesting library book choices. I’ve gotten better with library self-restraint, but if I spend too much time browsing I come out with a stack of books.

    • Thanks ! One of my goals for 2012 is to read more of my own books, especially my older ones. But living in a city with a top-tier library makes it really hard to do so !!

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