My Final Post.

With much sadness and a heavy heart, I must let you know that yes, those rumors are true. This is my last post to Maphead’s Book Blog. Due to the anticipated commitments to new career, sadly I will no longer be able to devote the needed time and energy to my beloved blog. This is a very difficult decision for me, but in my heart, I know this is right thing to do. I must gracefully leave the blogosphere.

While that might be the bad news, the good news is I embarking on a new career. Finally, I will be able to pursue my dream job. Last week I signed an exclusive contract with the publishing house of Randy Romances. Since young adulthood, I have dreamed of writing cheap and lascivious romance novels. While I prefer to read and blog about books devoted to world religion, international politics and history, secretly I have wanted to tittilate the hearts and loins of bored middle-aged housewives throughout the land. Life has given me this opportunity and I eagerly accept it.

My first two books should appear on the shelves of disreputable convenience stores within a few months. Passion Unbound: The loves of a Wayward Book Binder and Sex in the Stacks: Adventures of a Lusty Librarian have both received favorable reviewers from early reviewers, especially among those residing in assisted living arrangements. In addition, my editor promises me if these first two books sell, she will see about extending my contract for an additional eight titles. Keep in mind, she is currently under indictment for intellectual property theft, so a number of relatively minor issues still need to be resolved.

But there’s even more good news. I have also been tapped to be the cover art model for my own series of romance novels. The publishing house is paying for my chest prosthesis as well as my extra long hair extension. Soon my new Fabio-esque body will be gracing the covers of my own books !!!!!!!!!!! Women get ready !

While I’m sad to be leaving the world of blogging, I’m excited that a new career path is now before me. Regrettably, this is my final post. All I can say is……………………………………. APRIL FOOL  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Gotcha !!!!

See you later with another post !



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16 responses to “My Final Post.

  1. You had me going there for a bit, maybe writing is in your future…. Have a great weekend!

  2. You had me going there for a bit, but then I remembered the day and that I was thinking about it yesterday and wondering….

  3. Wow! You had me feeling really bummed for a minute. And then I read about romance novels and though, No, that cannot be! Nice joke 🙂

  4. Donald

    Good one. I was feeling a great deal of angst but happy for you, then blam right between the eyes. Romance novelist. 🙂

  5. I really took it seriously at first, then I quickly scanned the post and saw the ending. Glad you are still around. Happy April Fools 😉

  6. Eva


    Glad it’s April Fools! 😉

  7. Call me crazy (or just plain stupid), but I actually fell for this! I continue to follow you and have enjoyed your blog immensely, but I was ready to give you a fond farewell (albeit, under a state of shock!). Dang, and here I was hoping to get ahold of one of those books, just to gaze at the splendor of the dude on the cover…

    • LOL ! Thanks E. Fool ! Trust me, you don’t wanna *ever* see my body on the cover of a bad romance novel ! Even with all the prosthesis !!!
      Thanks for being a good sport ! More importantly, thanks for being a regular reader, too !!

  8. Hah! What a good one. I was bummed by the title as well thinking you were leaving but fortunately I’m only just now catching up on blogs so I saw the posts after this 🙂 And then of course read the post. Hilarious!

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