The Best of 2010: Fiction.

As promised in my earlier post, here is my list of the top works of fiction I read in 2010. You might notice that compared to my top non-fiction list, this one is much shorter. Since I read only ten works of fiction in 2010, naturally it wouldn’t be fair to create a top ten list. So, in no real order of preference, here is my list.

There it is, short and sweet. With their respective settings in China, Spain/Morocco and Sudan these book give our list a definite international feel. Plus, if I add Ha Jin’s short story collection Ocean of Words and Rebecca Pawel’s debut crime novel Death of a Nationalist to the list of runners-up, then all of 2010’s choice fiction was set outside North America.

There we have it. Like I said short, sweet and to the point. I’m wondering if 2011’s best fiction will also have an international flavor. My guess is it probably will.

7 thoughts on “The Best of 2010: Fiction.

  1. Great list, I am super excited to have just received Salih’s book from a belated secret santa exchange đŸ™‚ Leaving Tangier is another that I hope to read at some point.


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  3. I’m late to comment. I wanted to read all three that shows up in your list! I have Leaving Tangier on my shelf. I looking for a new home for The Last Friend. đŸ™‚

    Hope to hear about your international flavoured pick for 2011!


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