Pakistan: Opposing Viewpoints

Over the last few years my local public library has purchased a number of books from the Opposing Viewpoints Series. Published by Greenhaven Press mostly for public libraries and educational institutions, the series includes close to 100 books devoted to current and/or controversial topics such as censorship, global warming, terrorism and capital punishment. Last year I featured two books in the series, one titled Humanity’s Future the other Rogue Nations. Last Saturday while visiting my public library I grabbed the latest edition to the series, one titled Pakistan.

Like the others in the series, Pakistan: Opposing Viewpoints is light but reasonably informative, with different writers weighing in on such questions as “How Can Pakistan Address Terrorism ?”, “What Should the US Role Be in Pakistan?” and “What Are the Internal Problems Facing Pakistan ?” While a few of the essays come from government bodies such as the US Agency for International Development or nongovernmental organizations such as Amnesty International, the bulk are brief op-ed pieces reprinted from a variety of sources including New Internationalist, New Statesman and Newsweek International.

The bottom line is the book is fairly light reading, but still informative. It’s a nice book to read on the bus or any other time when there’s a lot of distractions and you’re unable comfortably focus all of your attention 100 percent of the time. But like I said, it’s light but informative. And when is that ever a bad combination ?



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5 responses to “Pakistan: Opposing Viewpoints

  1. It sounds interesting. I’d never heard of the “Opposing Viewpoints” series, sounds like a good concept though.

  2. I’d never heard of that series but it sounds incredible. I want! Need to see if my library has any…

  3. Iris and Amy, they are a nice series and worth the time. They are light, but interesting. Check them out if you get a chance.

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