75 books in 364 days

    Last year I read 58 books. Around the middle of June I took a quick count and realized if kept reading at the same pace, I would probably read close to 75. So I tried to keep my nose to the grindstone and lo and behold, I did it. Yes, crazy as it sounds, in 2009 I read 75 books. While I don't think I accomplished anything too significant this year, reading that many books does give me a nice feeling of satisfaction. Of course, since I like to read anyway, so much the better.
    In case anyone is wondering, I did a quick tally and thought I might share a few numbers:

  • Number of these books that were borrowed from the public library………64
  • Number of these books that I own………9
  • Number of these books that were borrowed from a friend or co-worker…..1
  • Number of these books that were "borrowed" from a coffee shop…………..1

    As you can see, I am a big fan of my public library. Despite owning a huge personal library of books, (many of which I have not even attempted to read), I have a nasty little habit of grabbing books from the public trough to feed my insatiable addiction. One of my new year's resolutions for 2010 is to read the books that are currently in my possession and not check stuff out of the library. Or worse, buy any additional books.
    But we will see how long THAT lasts. Anyway, I'll be back a bit later on with my "best of" list for 2009.

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2 responses to “75 books in 364 days

  1. Hey, that's an amazing achievement as far as I'm concerned! I'm looking forward to having more time to read again. And we're big lovers of the public library, as well. Chicago has a ton of them, so there's always one in your neighborhood. Our local one is really nice. We can also renew books and other stuff online (as long as no one else has requested the item), which is really convenient.
    Happy New Year, and keep it up! We need more readers in this world.

  2. Congratulations on the accomplishment. I hope they were really good books. I am sure your local librarian knows you pretty well by now! I have quite a few books I have yet to read and am looking forward to reading at least some of them this coming year.

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