Killer book.

Every so often I will grab a book from the "new books" section at my local public library.  Many times these are books I've never heard of written by authors completely unknown to me. And every so often, one of those books will be a winner. This my friends, was one of them.

   Kris Hollington's 2008 book Wolves, Jackals and Foxes: The Assassins Who Changed History was an utter delight to read. Hollington, an investigative journalist from the United Kingdom, chronicles the history of assassinations and assassination attempts from the nearly successful assassination attempt on President Truman to the killing of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, (who's murder would trigger one of the worst genocides in recent history) and pretty much everything in between. Light yet fascinating, Hollington's quick writing style sucked me in and as a result, his book was hard to put down. While, as one online reviewer observed that Hollington "didn't meet a conspiracy theory he didn't like", I learned a million interesting little factoids from his book. For example, who knew that actor Woody Harrelson's father was a contract killer ? Who knew that pornographer Larry Flynt was shot not by some puritanical zealot angry at Flynt's moral turpitude but a racist white supremacist angry at Flynt's use of African American models in his magazine Hustler ? And of course, in an ironic twist of fate, Harrelson would play Flynt in a motion picture.
    While some amazon reviewers thought this book was nothing special, I completely enjoyed it. It goes to show, if a person takes a chance on a unknown book, sometimes it pays off.


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