Ehrman stikes again.

Time now for a new book from one of my favorite religion authors. Bart Ehrman has been a favorite of mine ever since I read his

Lost Christianities. When I heard
Bart Ehrman on NPR's Fresh Air promoting his recent book, I quickly
went online and reserved a copy from my local library. I finished
Ehrman's 2009 Jesus Interrupted
about three weeks ago. This is the book I wished had been written 10 years
ago. Eheman handles modern New Testament scholarship in a very
accessible fashion, taking it from the academy promoting it to the
masses. If you are well versed in textual criticism, you probably won't
find anything too new and exciting in his book. If it's new to you, you
will like his methodical and thorough approach. You will come away
learning that the New Testament is a very human book. It will challenge
many of your assumptions, especially if you were raised in a more
conservative and Bible-centric church environment.

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