The Gospel truth

Just this afternoon I finished Gary Wills's 2008 book What the Gospels Meant. This book, along with his two previous books What Paul Meant and What Jesus Meant
form a nice, brief and readable trilogy on Christianity's formative years. His command of New Testament Greek seems impressive
and for that reason and others I found his arguments to be persuasive
and credible. Since I will be reading Bart Ehrman's book on the Gospels hopefully quite soon, this book was a good preliminary tour of that subject matter. In addition, I have a number of similar books in my library that have gone unread for far too long and need to picked up and finally read. John Drane's The Gospel of St. John and The Great Sayings of Jesus:Proverbs, Parables and Prayers both look promising as well as Carter Heyward's rather radical Saving Jesus From Those Who Are Right. Several years ago I grabbed Mark Allen Powell's 1998 book Jesus as a Figure in History at a church rummage sale and it too would be a worthy book to read as I get prepared to take on Ehrman's latest offering.
    I better get reading. It looks like I have my work cut out for me.


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